Central European Journal of Energetic Materials Volume 10, Number 2, 2013

Theoretical Studies of High-nitrogen-containing Energetic
Compounds Based on the s-Tetrazine Unit 

Tian-Tian MAN, Kun WANG, Jian-Guo ZHANG*, Xiao-Qing NIU,
Tong-Lai ZHANG 

State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology,
Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081, P. R. China 

Abstract: In order to develop new high-energy-density materials (HEDMs), we have investigated 12 substituted s-tetrazine (TZ) compounds, where s-tetrazine was substituted by amino, amido and related groups. Density functional theory (DFT) was used to predict the optimized geometries, electronic structures, total energy, heats of formation (HOFs) and densities. In addition the detonation properties were evaluated by using the VLW equation of state (EOS). The standard enthalpy of formation, the Gibbs free energy, entropy and equilibrium constants were used to estimate the success of the synthetic substitution reactions, which provided theoretical support for practical work. The bond dissociation energy (BDE) of bond C-R was calculated at each stage of the substitution reaction. The calculated results showed that substitution of amino, amido and their derivatives in the TZ ring enhances the HOF values and is favorable for increasing the thermal stability. The calculated detonation properties indicated that incorporating the above groups into the TZ ring is beneficial for improving the explosive performance. Considering the detonation properties and thermal stability, the 12 derivatives may be regarded as promising candidates as high-energy-density materials (HEDMs). 

Keywords: high-energy-density materials (HEDMs), substituted s-tetrazine compounds, electronic properties, thermodynamic properties, detonation properties

Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry

Warsaw, Poland