Central European Journal of Energetic Materials Volume 10, Number 2, 2013

Effect of Different Binders on the Combustion Characteristics of Ba(NO3)2/Mg-containing Pyrotechnic Mixtures 

Di-hua OUYANG 

Engineering University of Chinese Armed Police Force, Xi’an 710086, P. R. China 

Abstract: The combustion characteristics of Ba(NO3)2/Mg with binders such as phenolic resin (PR) and nitrocellulose were studied experimentally using an IGA-140 non contact, far-infrared thermometer and transient intensity testing instrument. The results revealed that the burn temperature, luminous intensity and burn rate of the pyrotechnic mixtures with PR (1594.5 °C, 47235.6 cd, 12.5 mm/s) were all larger than the NC system (1432.6 °C, 3242.9 cd, 9.0 mm/s), which is due to differences in the decomposition progress of the two binders that led to substantial differences in the loss of reaction energy and the exothermic reaction between the phenolic resin and the oxidizer before the Mg-oxidizer reaction. 

Keywords: binders, pyrotechnic mixtures, luminous intensity, combustion characteristics

Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry

Warsaw, Poland