Central European Journal of Energetic Materials Volume 8, Number 3, 2011

Some Perspectives on Estimating Detonation Properties of C, H, N, O Compounds


CleveTheoComp, 1951 W. 26th Street, Cleveland, OH 44113 USA

Abstract: We have explored various aspects of the Kamlet-Jacobs equations for estimating detonation velocities and pressures. While the loading density of the explosive compound is certainly an important determinant of these properties, its effect can sometimes be overridden by other factors, such as the detonation heat release and/or the number of moles of gaseous products. Using a gas phase rather than solid phase enthalpy of formation in obtaining a compound's heat release can produce a significant error in the calculated detonation velocity. However a negative enthalpy of formation is not necessarily incompatible with excellent detonation properties. Additional evidence is presented to support Kamlet and Jacobs' conclusion that, for C, H, N, O explosives, assuming the detonation product composition to be N2(g)/H2O(g)/CO2(g)/C(s) gives overall quite satisfactory results.

Keywords: detonation velocity, detonation pressure, density, enthalpy of formation, detonation product composition, explosives

Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry

Warsaw, Poland