Abdullah YÜCEL

Central European Journal of Energetic Materials Volume 8, Number 3, 2011

Chromatographic Determination of Stabilizer in Nitrocellulose Based Propellants

(A new extraction based chromatographic method 

for the determination of stabilizers in propellants)

Abdullah YÜCEL , E. Kübra INAL, M. Abdülkadir AKAY and Orhan ATAKOL

Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, Ankara University, 06100, 

Ankara, Turkey Sevi 


Faculty of Science and Arts, Department of Chemistry,

Ahi Evran University, 40200, Kirşehir, Turkey

Abstract: Regarding the chromatographic analysis of the stabilizers in the double based propellants, nitrocellulose causes an interference problem with diphenylamine and its derivatives. In this study, specific extraction of the stabilizer was planned before the chromatographic analysis and the stabilizer was extracted into CHCl3 by means of a soxhylet extraction in order to eliminate this problem. Then, most of the CHCl3 was evaporated under hydrothermal conditions and the residue was analyzed with HPLC after being dissolved in MeCN. By means of an isocratic work, the stabilizer 2-nitro diphenylamine (2NDPA) was clearly detected with 85% MeCN and 15% H2O carrier phase in C18 column. The effect of the matrix that could be found in the ambient was examined and the recovery was found between 95.06 ±3.09 – 99.88 ±3.34%. No matrix effect was determined in the ambient.

Keywords: HPLC, propellants, nitrocellulose based propellants, energetic materials, explosives

Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry

Warsaw, Poland